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Motivation in Extreme Sports - Essay Example

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The Psychology of Extreme Sports: Addicts, not Loonies

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Psychology: Extreme Sports Essay

Extreme sports or Adventure sports are recreational activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk. These activities often involve speed, height, a high.

Majority of sports and sporting activities come with the risk of bodily injury. However, there are a number of sporting activities, which could lead to serious. Psychology: Extreme Sports Essay Psychology Research Essay: Extreme Sports An extreme sport (also called action sport or adventure sport) is a term for certain activities seen as an activity of high danger, they are what is considered counter-cultural.

They give a thrill of facing difficult challenges and overcoming obstacles. Extreme sports are more and more popular among young people. Why do they appear to be so attractive? Give your opinion! Extreme sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading or riding a BMX have become very popular especially during the last decade of the century for obvious reasons.

The Psychology of Extreme Sports: Addicts, not Loonies

The Psychology of Extreme Sports: Addicts, not Loonies By Joachim Vogt Isaksen, HiNT Extreme sport activities represent the most striking example of acts that go against our natural human instincts, which are designed to protect us from dangers. Resources On Extreme Sports. Personality Psychology website at Arcadia.

This site has a lot of great resources on personality.

Extreme Sports

Highly recommended. Take the sensation-seeking scale here.; Lots of resources on personality can be .

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